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Chablis Heist Highlights Burglars’ Growing Cunning

Legendary Domaine du Château de Viviers suffered a significant blow earlier this month when burglars made off with more than 150 six-bottle cases of its prestigious Chablis wines from the 2022 vintage. Additionally, they absconded with 225 magnums (150cl bottles) from the 2020 and 2021 vintages under cover of darkness.

Arnould Lefébure, owner of the renowned Domaine known for its commitment to biodynamic and organic practices, expressed dismay at the estimated loss surpassing €50,000 (£42,700).

The burglary, occurring between 1am and 4am on March 4th to 5th, is under investigation by authorities. This incident underscores a concerning trend in wine theft, revealing a surprising level of organisation among perpetrators.

The stolen wine, weighing over three tonnes in total, was comprised of hefty magnums weighing nearly four kilos each, suggesting a savvy, labour-intensive operation.

Lefébure commented on the orchestrated effort required to move such a substantial quantity, estimating the involvement of multiple individuals. The stolen wines, destined for export to China, included prized cuvées from the 2022 vintage – Côta Grand Claude, Sous les Plantes, and Cuvée B&B – as well as magnums from previous years.

Despite dim prospects for recovery, Lefébure remains confident in his ability to identify the stolen bottles by photograph, citing distinct features such as the handcrafted blue wax capsules and unique labels.

This recent theft underscores the necessity of comprehensive insurance for all wine distributors and merchants amidst a growing number of similar incidents.

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