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The Grape Escape – Is Your Wine Properly Insured?

A Spanish winery recently suffered significant losses, surpassing €2.5 million (£2.1 million), after an intruder broke into premises and deliberately poured 60,000 litres of wine onto the floor, equivalent to filling 80,000 bottles. The incident occurred at Cepa 21 winery, located in Castrillo de Duero, a small village in north-western Spain, during the early hours of February 18th. The saboteur broke into the winery and tampered with multiple vats, releasing 13,000 gallons of wine from two premium varieties, Horcajo and Malabrigo.

Surveillance footage captured a hooded figure moving among the vats, opening the taps and releasing a torrent of wine. Authorities are investigating, with a spokesperson from Cepa 21 suggesting that the intruder appeared familiar with the winery’s layout, indicating potential insider knowledge.

In the UK market, Horcajo wine typically sells for around £80 per bottle, while Malabrigo fetches £35. Despite the rarity of an event such as this at Cepa 21, incidents like break-ins and deliberate sabotage can occur, along with other unforeseen challenges.

It prompts the question: are you adequately insured?

If you are a wine distributor or merchant, wine and spirits insurance is essential. It will cover your business for all aspects of storage, distribution and the varying challenges of import and export. It also protects you from theft or damage, and any resulting business interruption.

The expert team at Wine and Spirits Protect has thorough knowledge of the industry and will conduct site surveys and comprehensive risk reviews to guide you to the right policy for your business. We have developed a comprehensive & competitive insurance programme specifically designed for production, storage, distribution and import/export in the drinks industry.

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